Ways To Make Your Home Look Bigger

“Hanging a mirror may give the impression of more space, but it also doubles the clutter by reflecting every single object that’s already in the room,” Jeffrey Blum says.

“By drawing the eye to a distant spot that has a striking visual element, you expand the perceived depth of field,” says Blum. “It gives the space a way-over-there feeling.”

De-Clutter The Entryway

Built in closets make small rooms appear bigger, and do provide an interesting architectural detail and vertical movement.

Large Scale Flooring

The larger the tile, or pattern on a floor, the larger the room will look, according to the World Floor Covering Association. Tip: Install tiles in a diagonal way.

Smartly Fill The Room

The more senses there are in a room, the bigger it feels. Fill a room with French Doors, set a vase of fresh flowers on a table. You can also use shiny and smooth surfaces, like polished marble.

Include A Hallway

When you have a hallway inbetween small rooms, do hang a painting or place an art piece at the very end, this would draw the eyes out of the small rooms, making it feel bigger.

A Lot Of Windows

Inserting a wall of windows not only brightens a room but also draws out your eye out into a landscape or yard.


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